Monday, January 7, 2013

Fb Funny Timeline Covers - Part 8

Fb Funny Timeline Covers 
I'm not doing this today
Mission Accomplished
If you don't like me i don't give a $hit
I don't live to please you
Hug me
i'm awesome
I can always make you smile
Yes! i'm a virgin
but this is an old cover
I hope life is not a joke because i don't get it
Apple eating android
Cow : milk, i'm your father
All i need is u
What a lot of wasted space!
I don't feel good
somebody please give me a hug
Funny Art for facebook cover
I do not get drunk 
i get awesome
I love bacon
Sid Ice Age Facebook timeline cover photo
Say Cheese
You're such a sincere person
When nothing goes right
Go left
I'm on fire
Funny fingers
Welcome to my planet errr
I mean page
Funny Glasses
Guess Who ?
Hey Look Its me

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